Justice Trust is a US-registered 501c3 non-profit. Justice Trust partners with local lawyers and activists to strengthen communities fighting for justice and human rights. We amplify local voices, uncover abuses, press for remedies, and promote rule of law reform. The regional secretariat in Bangkok was established in 2012, which began working on its first country program: Myanmar. A national center was set up in Myanmar in January 2014. Justice Trust intends to expand this justice advocacy model to other countries in Asia.

Our Team

Roger Normand (Founder and Executive Director)

Roger Normand has over 20 years' experience as a human rights advocate and professor. He was co-founder in 1993 of the Center for Economic and Social Rights, which focused on health, housing, education, and work as human rights. In 2003 he helped launch ESCR-Net, a web-based global network of CSOs, NGOs, activists and academics.

Roger was Asia-Pacific Director for the International Commission of Jurists from 2008-11. Roger has taught law and justice at Columbia University and Lahore University, and has published widely on issues of rule of law, including a historical analysis of human rights: Human Rights at the UN: the Politics of Universal Justice (2009). He has a Bachelor of Arts (Middle East Politics) from Amherst College, a Juris Doctor (International Law) from Harvard Law School, and an MTS (Theological Studies) from Harvard Divinity School.

Contact Roger Normand: roger.normand@justicetrust.net

U Thein Than Oo (Legal Steering Committee, Myanmar Program)

Thein Than Oo is a renowned lawyer and former political prisoner. He was imprisoned in 1976 for being a student activist leader. He studied law to fight injustice in Myanmar and was called to the Mandalay bar in 1983.

U Thein Than Oo was imprisoned a second time 1990-2001 for his political activism. He founded Nyein law firm in 2001. The firm is a full service firm but U Thein Than Oo specializes in pro bono work on behalf of former political prisoners like himself and farmers who have had their land forcibly taken from them. He is also a founding member of Lawyers Network.

U Aung Thane (Legal Steering Committee, Myanmar Program)

U Aung Thane is one of Myanmar’s leading activist lawyers. He is a member of the National League for Democracy’s Central Legal Committee and is a founding member of Lawyers Network. He was called to the bar in 1980.

He established the Legal Performance Aid Center in 2007 and has dedicated his legal career defending human rights defenders, and pursuing politically sensitive cases. U Aung Thane defended over 150 cases pro bono for monk leaders and activists during the Saffron Revolution in 2008. As a result, the authorities revoked his legal license.